Artists meet at Mzuzu E-Hub for creative sessions

A 2 day International Cultural Marketing Workshop has ended with a call to artists in the art and culture industry to fuse creativity and culture in their work.

Speaking during opening of the two day work on Saturday at Mzuzu E-Hub, organizer of the event, Vincent Maluwa said the arts industry has a lot of potential in growing if artists can develop standard work and compete on the international market.

“There is a lot of potential out there. Artists need to understand value addition to their goods and services. We are living in a digital world where there are opportunities for both local and international markets. We just need to utilize this,” said Mwale.

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institution SMEDI’s Alinafe Mpoka challenged the artists to look at their art as business and develop strategies that will enable them realize profit from what they do.

During the workshop, Executive Director for Mzuzu E – Hub, Wangiwe Kambuzi, said art is a talent and needs to be managed and marketed.

Maluwa (R) presents a certificate of attendance to one of the participants

Participants at the workshop received a certificate of attendance after covering topics on content creation and management, digital marketing and branding, arts management, resource mobilization, management of cultural programs and events and creative entrepreneurship among others.

The workshop was organized by Vincent Maluwa with support from the United States Embassy in Malawi and ran from 28-29 November 2020. Participants included videographers, bloggers, actors and actresses, singers, fashion designers, poets and dancers among others.

An artist writes a message about GBV

As part of commemorating the 16 days of activism, Artists during the workshop designed pictures, words and phrases that they can use in ending gender based


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