Eden Creations win idea stage on bathing and sanitary products

Doris Mina Trindade has an idea of producing bathing and sanitary products that are well designed and tailored from fabric material through her Eden Creations business.

Making her pitch during the 2021 Bizcubation Pitch Challenge to a 3 judging panel, Doris emphasized that her products, though still at a prototype stage but with a little design to show, said the bathing and sanitary products are unisex and hopes to reach out to people who are conscious of their cleanliness and wellbeing.

“We are a social enterprise company that provides the skills in tailoring and designing of bathing and sanitary materials and clothing but the product that I pitched today is the one we believe will push Eden Creations’ products that can become a household item,” beamed Trindade.

To ensure that the business is giving back to the community, the tailors and designers for these products will be young ladies and widows who will be offered a job opportunity.

“We have come up with an idea of providing skills in tailoring and Designing that’s specializing in bathing materials (Bathing loofah/sponge), sanitary materials and clothing. We anticipate a growth of the business therefore the plan is to empower more women through jib creation,” said Trindade.

During the pitching session, Doris asked for an investment opportunity from the seed capital funding and made a projection of MK1.5 million in the first year if her idea and the already existing design and tailoring shop were sponsored.

Eden Creations under this idea scooped 2nd position under the Idea Stage category, bagging K400,000.00 as co-winners.

This pitching competition was part of the 2021 Bizcubation Program under the Digital Malawi project with support from World Bank through the Malawi Government under the Public Private Partnership Commission.

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