Greenhouse farming idea wins 1st position for 2021 Bizcubation Idea Stage

“The challenge that many entrepreneurs are currently facing includes the production process which includes high production cost(labor, inputs and pest and disease management), harmful to soil resulting in low yields) and unhealthy chemical residues in products” – Mphande

Rooftop Investment is a start-up managed by Joseph Mphande who has a passion in farming that involves the use of controlled production environment in green houses that offers high yields by eliminating harmful environmental factors.

During a pitching event for possible investment funding during the 2021 Bizcubation Pitch Challenge, Mphande emphasised on the need to invest in farming technologies that will ensure that future production processes are cheaper, sustainable and healthy, through the use of BIOMAS application and automation of essential farming activity through drip irrigation.

“As Rooftop Investment, we want to offer Mzuzu City and the surrounding areas a wide market for high value products that are healthy, affordable and organic in nature. We will also ensure we create market channels through cultivated markets hence providing access to job opportunities to as many youths that we can reach as possible,” Mphande explained.

The idea of growing organic tomato in greenhouses captured the attention of the three judging panel comprised of Theana Msolomba, a Financial Coach, Patrick Kuyokwa, an agri-preneur and alumni of Bizcubation program and Linly Ng’ambi, a Business Development Manager at MyBucks Bank as the idea proved to be sustainable and the perishability of the product would be lesser compared to tomatoes that have been exposed to harsh weather conditions such as too much sunlight or heavy rainfall.  

Rooftop Investment under this idea were declared 1st position winner under the Idea Stage and pocketed MK1,000.000.00 that will be invested in the commencement of the greenhouse farming of tomatoes.

This pitching competition was part of the 2021 Bizcubation Program under the Digital Malawi project with support from World Bank through the Malawi Government under the Public Private Partnership Commission.

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