Mzuzu E-Hub to Support MZFW Creative Business Participants

The Mzuzu Fashion Week (MZFW) that started on 1st October with a Mzuzu Fashion Week Creative Business Seminar was hosted by Mzuzu Entrepreneurs Hub (E-Hub).

The seminar that run from 1st to 4th October has brought yet another good news to all entrepreneur wanna be’s in the fashion field and of course all MZFW funs.

According to a press statement that MZFW released recently, it has been revealed that the host of this year’s MZFW creative business Seminar will sponsor the participants through a pitch competition.

“Basically the pitch competition is looking at people who can pitch their design ideas in the fashion world, be it on clothes, jewelry, shoes or anything to do with fashion and Mzuzu E-Hub is sponsoring the competition, ” Explained Milcah Bonyonya, Project officer at Mzuzu E-Hub.

During the Seminar

Bonyonga further said that they decided to engage in fashion this year since it’s already a fashion week in Mzuzu but also promote fashion in Malawi.

“Mzuzu-hub decided to sponsor the pitch competition as a way of promoting Fashion in the country which is an essence that creates jobs. As you know people in the fashion world don’t work alone, they employ other people hence minimizing unemployment levels in the country and helping in the country’s economic growth, ” said Bonyonga.

Mzuzu Fashion Week’s Zikani Nyirenda thanked Mzuzu E-Hub for the initiative as it will act as a motivating factor.

“We are very thankful to the Mzuzu E-Hub for coming up with the Pitch competition. It is something that is good and will encourage designers as well as help people within the field to come up with something good. We are very happy for the good development, ” said Nyirenda.

The winner from the pitch competition will stand a chance to receive a free-three months working space at the Mzuzu Entrepreneurs Hub as well as Entrepreneur support which also includes networking and marketing.

Fashion is one of the multi-billion industries worldwide that if well nurtured can also develop Malawi economically.

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