Terms of Reference for Individual or Consulting Firm to Provide Technical Support for Incubation Program

Background and Context
Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub is a social enterprise registered under company’s incorporation Act TMBRS 1010145 established with the aim of building a community of young entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions and contributing to the development of their communities through job creation and poverty eradication based in the northern region of Malawi.
Our aim as a social enterprise is to ensure that we help our start-ups and SMEs attain their goals by using best practices and providing the best evaluation tools and other form of guidance that will be helpful to our clients. We have set processes and structures in place that enable our team best interpret the Malawi’s’ economy and use this in helping our clients become the success they intend to be. We know that there is no one best incubation practice that would suit all our clients and ensure that they become a success and in this regard, we intend to have a synergy of multiple policies and services so as to have optimal outcomes that will be most suitable for specific clients’ needs.
Mzuzu E-Hub aligned with its Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023 provides co-working space and business incubation support to youth led start-up ventures under an initiative called Bizcubation. Bizcubation brings new and innovative business ideas to life. We connect business experts, mentors and coaches, co-working facilities, wide network of investors, networking events and capacity building sessions for the benefit of 25 youth led start-up ventures annually.
Bizcubation portfolio companies benefit from determining the best business model and marketing strategy to commercialize their idea and measure the social impact, developing investor proposals for funding and developing significant contact network.
It is against this background that Mzuzu E-Hub requires services of a consulting firm or individual to mentor the organization towards reshaping the existing business model and implementation plan. This is geared to establish a framework that enables Mzuzu E-hub to develop capacity of the entrepreneurs at the same time become self-sufficient while developing the human capital.

It aims to serve as a guide that stipulates strategic directions toward the core business of the organization. The document will also highlight the matrix towards sustainability including the skills and knowledge required towards implementation of the model. The consulting firm or individual will deliberate upgrading of organization strategies in programming, monitoring and evaluation and financing including employees’ professional knowledge and technical skills.
The assignment will assist Mzuzu E-Hub to realign the program objectives with what is working in Malawi and internationally, identify capability gaps that need to be addressed and propose measures going forward. This will assist in building the information bank that shall inform Mzuzu E-Hub on how it can close the existing gaps.

  1. Project Objective
    Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub with support from the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) under the Incubation and Ecosystem Programme seeks to have an improved and sustainable business model and implementation plan that delivers on its organizational strategy. The framework will define Mzuzu E-Hub’s core, technical, functional competencies as well as supportive behavioral indicators required to achieve its goals. A skills audit will provide the hub with adequate information in relation to each employee’s competency profile and hence inform the decision makers on an appropriate and comprehensive skills development plan and other related measures to bridge identified gaps. Mzuzu E-Hub intends, through this exercise, to understand each employee’s skills, academic achievement, competency levels, gaps and development needs towards achieving the organizational objectives.

For more information click https://mzuzuehub.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/TORs-for-Consulting-Firm-or-Individual-to-provide-technical-support-for-Incubation-Program.pdf

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