TEVETA, Mzuzu E HUB for entrepreneurship culture

The Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational Education and Training Authority TEVETA says it will continue striving for a vibrant entrepreneurial culture among Malawians.

The institution’s Chief Executive Director, Wilson Makulumiza Nkhoma made the assurance in Mzuzu during the first ever entrepreneurship forum for stakeholders in the Northern region.

Nkhoma said TEVETA banks on the  helping people utilize their business skills amidst challenges and risks that shys away potential entrepreneur.

“Challenges in business are part of life, but what is important is to focus on how to deal with such gaps, as TEVETA we are trying to change people’s mindset so that they grow with a business oriented mind,” he said.

“Our curriculum has entrepreneurship as one of the key modules, and the reason government decided to put such a module is to ensure that learners are conversant with entrepreneurship so that when they graduate they open up businesses,” added Nkhoma.

Nkhoma said government is establishing community colleges across the country whose graduates are business oriented as opposed to always thinking of getting employed.

Then he urges people to identify business ideas whilst young so that they can achieve their goal.

The forum was organized in collaboration with the Mzuzu Entrepreneurship Hub to among others help stakeholders build meaningful relationships where they would share experience, and provide solutions that block the development of their businesses.

“Our intention is to ensure entrepreneurs have one voice, they know each other, know who is doing what; create an ecosystem of partners,” observed Joana Wangiwe Kambuzi, Executive Director, Mzuzu Entrepreneurship HUB.

During the meeting one of the panelists, Harrison Kalua urged people to utilize the potential the country has on entrepreneurship to grow their economy.

“Mostly people want to do business when they have a lot of start up capital whilst it is not always like that, basically they can start small and grow big later on through proper management of their business,” said Kalua.

Over 200 entrepreneurs across the Northern region attended the meeting which also provided a structural analysis for of entrepreneurship in the country.

Similar meetings are expected to be held in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

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