TX Chipunga Library furnished with books and shelves

We believe that every student, both in the rural and urban areas, has a right to education and a conducive environment to thrive in their learning. It is for this reason that Mzuzu E-Hub made a donation of books and shelves worth $1000 at

Chipunga Community Day Secondary School in Nkhatabay District for the operationalization of the Chipunga Library and Resource Center.

Making the donation at Chipunga CDSS, Mzuzu E Hub Programs Manager Austin Moyo said the vision is to see a total education transformation for students under hard to reach areas like those in Chipunga community and committed to continued support of the school and the students in promoting reading culture and knowledge acquisition through the library.  

“The only way for us to realize the big vision that we have is through your commitment and hard work. These books are at your disposable and use them to increase your understanding on various topics that you learn during your classes. To achieve the dream that you have; books and commitment are the most important aspect of your education journey,” said Moyo.

Mzuzu E Hub team present the donation to the deputy headteacher, students and community members

Receiving the donation, Deputy Head Teacher Luwani Gumbo expressed gratitude to Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub for the donation and the continued support the organization renders towards the promotion of education at the school.

“Chipunga CDSS is always grateful for the support that you always render. I can assure you that we will take care of the resources and I urge all students to fully utilize these books and work hard as a token of appreciation towards the donation,” said Gumbo

A cross-section of the library with new shelves

One of the students at the school Veronica Theu said she was extremely happy with the donation towards their school as this will ease the challenges that they were facing as the school did not have enough reference material to fully carter for all the students.

“We have struggled a lot to catch up on our studies since we have limited resources in terms of reading and reference materials but the coming in of this donation will ease these challenges and we will be able to concentrate more on our reading and studying. These books will make a difference towards our academics,” said Theu.

a section of the books donated at the school

Village Headwoman Fanny Nyasulu expressed her happiness towards the donation and encouraged the Mzuzu E Hub team to continue supporting the Chipunga community with necessary resources such as these and requested a construction project of hostels for the school to further promote quality education and ease the distance challenges that most students face.

Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub constructed TX Chipunga CDSS in 2019 with funds from TX Foundation and TX Library and Resource Center in 2020 with funds from World Connect and the community.

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